Yamaha Piano vs Kawai Piano, Which is Better?

Yamaha Piano vs Kawai Piano

The two world’s most popular piano companies, Yamaha and Kawai, have been competing for decades. Many people want to know which piano is better.

Although this is a controversial topic, we will honestly answer this question.

Both companies have been established in Japan for more than 100 years.

They are also the world’s two major piano manufacturers. The life and output of the piano are amazing, and both companies are respected in the piano world.

Yamaha and Kawai have factories in different countries, and each manufacturer outputs other models and types of pianos.

Regarding the side-by-side evaluation of these companies, you must ensure that comparisons are made at the same level.

There is no point in comparing the Yamaha piano with the hand-made “Shigeru-Kawai.”

It’s like having the Yamaha S series compared to Kawai made in Indonesia.

Each company has different levels of the piano – from the most affordable basic models to ultra-high-end performance models.

So, if you compare similar piano styles between the two companies, which is better?

Honestly, it is more than a personal taste for others. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to find out which brand is right for you.

Many people are attracted to the clarity of the Yamaha piano – sometimes considered a bright voice. It is a trendy choice for pop and rock musicians like Elton John.

Yamaha’s voice can be better than other pianos, which may be a real benefit for some styles of music. The action on the piano is also first class.
Kawai pianos are also known for their composite Blak collection. Many people were attracted to the softer Kawai piano on the Yamaha piano in Vietnam.

Whether the piano is bright or gentle, it can also have much to do with its sound (the hardness of the felt on the hammer).

However, there is a general tendency to sound. The Kawai piano is characterized by gentleness, and the brightness of the Yamaha piano is not universal.

Every piano has to evaluate what it is, each instrument’s size, model, sound, and unique sound work.

There are more options between choosing Kawai and Yamaha pianos, but this is due to personal taste and your piano requirements.

Both Yamaha and Kawai make pianos from entry-level to music tools.

When you find a piano you like, it is the right piano, regardless of the brand name.

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