10 Best Piano Brands in the World

Best Piano Brands Many people like to listen to piano music. What are the famous piano brands in the world?

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Top 10 Piano Brands in the World

1. Steinway & Sons

The famous piano brand Steinway was initially established in Germany by the founder Heinrich. Engelhardt. Heinrich Engelsteinhardt Weg emigrated to New York with one of his sons in the German Revolution of 1848 to 1849, founded in 1853. Then, another son came to the United States in 1865, and the company changed its name to its present name.

For more than 160 years, Steinway Piano has become the most famous piano brand in the world for its unique sound and superb piano-making skills.

More than 90% of the world’s piano artists use Steinway pianos in concerts. This, of course, has to do with the number of his family’s contracted pianists (each of whom is required to play a Steinway and own a Steinway).

Not only do they include classical pianists like Atul. Rubinstein, Barenboim, Argerich, Keesing, and many other JAZZ masters like Diana. Claire, Colbert, etc…

Steinway has its sound, and the sound of his high-end pianos can be considered unique (know why many pianists play not only to people but also the piano must be the same).

Steinway has several sub-brands in addition to Steinway, including the entry-level Essex and the mid-level Boston.

A Steinway costs between $60,000 and $210,000.

2. Bechstein

The famous C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik brand by KARRH. Carl Bechstein was founded in 1853, Berlin, Germany, by KARRH. Bechstein devoted himself to studying the piano manufacturing process in France and England and joined the demand of contemporary pianists. By developing new Bechstein principles and techniques, he made the hammering piano reach an epoch-making height.

The C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik, once used by Liszt, is now on display at the C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik in Berlin.

Karrh. He built a piano for Liszt that showed Liszt’s playing style, making Liszt a loyal customer. The master conductor, Wilhelm Furtwängler, was also very fond of C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik, and he was full of praise for Bechstein, “One of the finest musical instruments of our time.”.

In addition, he is loved by the likes of C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik, Claude Debussy, and Sergei Rachmaninoff and is used by numerous institutions, concert halls, and conservatories worldwide.

The C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik is divided into two large series, the C series with the C Bechstein logo at the high end and the lower B series with the Bechstein logo. Both series are manufactured in Germany, although the B series will be made of Czech parts, materials, sound, and feel since the B series is half as low.

The C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik C series is about $120,000 to $320,000, and the B series is about half that.

3. BL üthner

The Blüthner Piano brand of Germany’s Big Three piano brands was founded by Julius BL üthner (Julius Blüthner) in 1853 November in the German cultural city of Leipzig.

With years of experience and talent, Bluthner’s piano is full, warm, lyrical, and romantic. This is mainly because it uses several special piano-making techniques, including his famous technique of attaching equipartition strings: Bluthner’s piano has treble strings in four strings, allowing it to produce more colorful treble notes than a piano with three strings.

It took a year to build a Bluthner piano by hand, and more than 160 years later, the museum’s pianos are still performing normally.

Since its birth, the Bluthner Piano has won numerous notable accolades: recognized by the German government as a German national treasure, known as “Golden tone,” and once considered a super-luxury item by European royalty and collectors, also known as “The rolls-Royce of the piano.”.

Bluthner’s piano users include Brahms, Béla Bartók, Mallor, Claude Debussy, Chaykovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and other greats.

Blüthner pianos cost between $60,000 and $350,000, and custom pianos are more expensive.

4. Grotrian Steinweg

The Grotrian Steinway Piano is the oldest piano brand globally, known as Steinweg, founded by Friedrich Grotrian in 1835. and 25 years later, he returned to Germany, where he met Theodor Steinweg (the son of Steinweg). Grotrian persuaded Steinway to join the company, which has since changed its name to Grotrian Steinweg, after difficulties with his father and brother’s trip to the United States (Jews are so unpopular in Germany).

The Grotrian Steinweg has a soft sound, good feel, and beautiful timbre, especially in significant motion. It was admired by many pianists of the time, including the famous pianist Clara. Winfried Otto Schumann.

In 1865, Theodor Steinweg went to the United States, selling all his shares to Grotrian and changing the brand to Steinweg & Sons as a distinction.

After 1880, the United States Steinway Company opened a branch in Hamburg, Germany. Some pianos also began manufacturing in Germany, which started the dispute between the two stairways. In 1972, Steinway appealed to Grotrian to stop using the Grotrian Steinweg brand. In 1980, after eight years of legal wrangling, the two companies settled, and the Grotrian Steinweg was allowed to continue using the Steinway trademark and brand in Europe and only the Grotrian brand elsewhere.

As a well-known piano brand, Grotrian pianos are expensive. But it also has the slightly cheaper Friedrich Grotrian and the more affordable Willhelm Grotrian, which sells for about $5,000-$12,000.

5. Fazioli

The relatively new piano from Italy was founded in 1978 by Italian pianist and engineer Paolo Fazioli. Then, Fazioli quickly rose to prominence as a rising star on the piano in the last 20 years.

The sound of Fazioli’s piano has a Mediterranean romance and is sexy, especially for light music, JAZZ, and New Age. Fazioli has now been bought by hundreds of other pianists and institutions, including the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing, the Paris Conservatoire, and the University of Vienna; even the Juilliard School bought a Fazioli piano.

Fazioli’s grand piano has a third pedal, lowering the bass even more when pressed.

Fazioli only makes the grand piano, which costs between $120,000 and $500,000 apiece and is a genuinely premium piano brand.

6. Bosendorfer

The Basendorf piano from Vienna originated in 1828 and was composed by Ignaz. Founded by LGNAZ Bosendorfer. Ignaz’s son, Ludwig, made more innovations in making pianos, making them more perfect in tone and more expressive in range. In 1850, Bessendorf was awarded the title of “Voice of Vienna.” 1883, Bessendorf was Ferdinand I by the king as “The royal piano maker.”

Glorious though it was, it was shut down in the 1930s due to the economic crisis, bombed again in 1944, nearly bankrupted itself in the early 1960s, and only later recovered. Yamaha bought them in 2007.

Bettendorf used to make only grand pianos, but now it also makes regular upright pianos. The most famous of the Besendorf pianos is his family’s extended piano, priced up to $560,000 for Emperor 290, which has a bass section with nine notes to enhance the bass resonance.

There is also a 5.8-million-yuan piano body, each with a metal key made of gold, and an 8-million-yuan piano made of Swarovski crystals.

Bendorf has always insisted on making the instrument by hand. It takes years to complete a piano from start to finish and more than two years to make it.

It takes at least 12 years of study for a Bessendorf technician to become a competent craftsman, and it produces no more than 500 pianos a year.

7. Steingraeber & Sohne

Steingraeber is one of the world’s smallest piano companies, producing no more than 80 grand and 60 upright pianos a year for the high end of the market.

Strangely. Persona was founded by George Steingraeber in 1820 in Thuringia, Germany; George Steingraeber. in 1852 moved to Bayreuth, Germany. Steingraeber spent three decades developing the world’s giant upright piano, and the results were astonishing.

Starting in 1867, Steingraeber has won many international awards, proving that it is the best piano of our time.

The pedal in the middle of his grand piano is his unique sordino pedal, and when you hit the pedal, a layer of felt rises between the strings and the hammer, allowing it to produce a richer dulcet sound.

Steingraeber also came out with a lighter aerial cover that is 50% lighter than a regular cover.

8. August Forster

August Forster is one of the top piano brands globally, founded by Friedrich August F örster in 1859 in Luxembourg, Germany.

August Forster has consistently built the best quality pianos in more than 160 years, which has made August Forster a world-class piano brand, with many famous concert halls around the world using August. Foust was the piano for their show.

In August, the recognizable warm, rounded sound, the exquisite artistry, and the test of perfection. The reason Foust is famous.

August Forster now has 36 employees and produces about 100 grand and 150 upright pianos annually. Its workers have more than ten years of production experience, and each piano is a work of art, the whole process using manual production, not only a personalized process. Each of its parts can also be customized.

In the film the pianist, the last piano the pianist played for the German officers was the August Forster piano.

9. Bell. Heeseman, Bell Hessman & Sons

1768, Bell. Heisman founded the famous piano brand in London, and the first took three years to polish. After auditioning, Mozart exclaims, “This is the greatest, most beautiful sound in the world.”.

To make the perfect piano, Bell. Heisman has always focused on making things by hand. Bell. The Sisman piano is famous globally for its powerful bass, rich alto, and beautiful soprano-like treble.

The keys are lead-loaded to increase the weight of the keys but do not fail to move, allowing the performer to get a perfect feel.

In the 19th century, with an annual output of only 15, Bell. The Heathman piano once became the status symbol of the royal family and aristocracy in various countries. The famous musician Shubert thought the bell shipman piano was the best in the world. Bell, England. Heisman has been one of the world’s top piano brands for over 100 years.

Two hundred years of history, Bell. Heisman piano has become synonymous with high-quality piano globally and is used in many concert halls.

10. Yamaha

Japanese Yamaha pianos are not considered a top-notch brand, but their excellent sound, highly cost-effective, rich product line makes them widely popular. At the same time, it has won the admiration of many pianists.

Yamaha’s piano tone is bright and mellow, so many people like it. The application of his family’s many new technologies, especially his family’s mute setting, is welcomed by many piano learners.

Due to the quota, many well-known piano brands have been dropped, such as Kawai in Japan, Seiler in Germany, Sauter in Germany, etc.

The piano choice is very personal, and each pianist will have their preferences. This ranking is not a ranking for reference only.

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