Yamaha P515 Review

Yamaha P515 Review

For the Yamaha Electric Piano P 515, it’s worth noting that its sound samples came from B Bosendorfer and CFX.

The two pianos have been used on some of the largest musical stages in the world.

The Yamaha P 515 became the first electric piano in the P series to deliver the dominant sound from one of these instruments, and it didn’t take long to realize just how influential it was.

The sound is simply breathtaking! They are recorded in different speed layers, which helps to ensure that loudness and harmonic content match the electric piano’s style perfectly.

As if that were not enough, they must further amplify the voice of Virtual Resonance Modeling Technology. The technology adds resonance to some soundproof panel strings and some improvements to shock absorber pedals.

When you play the electric piano, you will also notice the changes in time and orientation each time you release the keys. The sounds here will satisfy your interest in high-quality music.

Combine its support functions, and you have a satisfying instrument to take your musical creativity to a new world.

Natural Wooden keys

One of the biggest selling points of the Yamaha P 515 is the key modification.

While most other pianos on the market have plastic keys, the Yamaha P515 is made from Natural Wood.

So, how is it different from a plastic keyboard?

First of all, the keys on this electric piano feel much better than their plastic ones. It feels more natural, and the reaction is incredible.

This is achieved through their sleek design, which is also because they are perfectly weighted.

Spending too much time on an electric piano can come at a cost, and one of the most common problems is sweaty fingers, which can ruin your entire playing experience. It is also a problem for aspiring or advanced pianists to avoid the natural sweating of their hands.

With the completion of the Ivory Keys, keyboard dampness will no longer be an issue. This surface allows any sweat not to settle on the keyboard and affect your performance.

Plus, thanks to their escapement mechanism, you get a sense of playing an acoustic piano with the keys. This mechanism is especially noticeable when you gently press a key.

This experience is beneficial, especially if you plan or prepare to play an acoustic piano.


The Yamaha P-515 has over 500 high-quality sound recordings from the B Sendorfer Empire, Yamaha CFX, and several hybrid electric pianos.

These sounds are of different types to ensure your skills are as diverse as possible. You can also split and layer the sound in various combinations to create the melody of your choice.

Manufacturers add distorted bass ports to ensure that the final output does not destroy them.

This increases the depth of the sounds while maintaining their accuracy. Play these sounds with the chorus and REVERB; the final product will be magical.

In addition to the Yamaha P 515 sounds, you’ll get 40 drum and bass beats, 21 full demo songs, and 50 built-in Piano songs.

All sounds will be relayed through two high-quality speakers. These are powerful enough for electric pianos that can be used for home settings and small shows.

For anyone looking for a more personal experience, the electric piano has two separate outlets to connect headphones. We would also like to confirm the binaural sampling system for earphones.

The technology is designed to give you the experience of playing the grand piano in a concert. The music became very real. Using headphones can even be addictive.


It’s common for any device with hundreds of features to lose or have difficulty finding what you need.

For this reason, the Yamaha p 515 is equipped with an intelligent pianist application to help you use it.

With this application, you can edit the layout of pianos to your preferred design. You can bring your frequently used features closer to you or make you less likely to use other features.

From this APP, you will get reading table music, sound, playback, and capture performance, and the IOS APP will use this electric piano to become more intuitive.


Almost all electric pianos are designed to capture large amounts of audio and Midi data. Still, we’ve learned that they are never enough, especially for people who create large amounts of music.

Yamaha Corporation offers digital extensions via USB storage ports and other host connectivity options to ensure space isn’t an issue. You can store your digital media in other easily accessible gadgets.

You can also connect the piano to other digital audio workstations, adding more flavor to your voice and making your music more appealing.

Another exciting connection option is a Bluetooth connection. With this feature, you can link electric pianos to other devices nearby and stream music directly to electric pianos!

With this feature, an electric piano is ideal for home use because it brings music closer to you and acts as a secondary sound system. It lets you play music from your phone, tablet, and other gadgets.

Final Verdict

The Yamaha P 515 offers more advanced features than most other electric pianos. Its compact design makes it more portable and ideal for musicians who often travel with pianos.

The Yamaha P 515 has great sound and function, making it one of the best-performing pianos in the P series. It’s better than most of its predecessors and worth buying.

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