Yamaha FG830 Review

Yamaha FG830 Review

To This Day, Yamaha Corporation is one of the world’s leading guitar makers known for making quality guitars and other instruments.

To help you decide if the FG830 is right for you, we’ll investigate its functionality and practical use!

Yamaha’s FG800 has long been popular, and it’s highly cost-effective to win widespread attention. Now, what’s the difference between an FG830 and an entry-level model?

The size and shape of the FG830 are no different from most dreadnought guitars in terms of specifications.

It has a square upper turn and a huge lower turn. Most models have the same total length and body size. They also use the same die-cast KNOB for the tuner.

The biggest difference is the wood quality they use in this wood.

If you’ve ever played or heard of someone playing with the FG800 and like it, this model is an upgrade! Although they look the same, they sound different.


The quality of the wood determines the tone of the guitar. A good combination of different types of wood has the potential to cover the entire range of frequencies that produce fascinating sounds.

Spruce panel

The panel of this guitar is made of Spruce Veneer.

Spruce is one of the most commonly used guitar woods due to its excellent sound quality. Known for its flexibility, this wood naturally amplifies the vibration of guitar strings.

Plus, the spruce gets better as the wood naturally dries over time. As time passes, the sound of a spruce guitar, like wine, gets better and better.

Rosewood back and side panels

In addition to the classic natural tones of Rosewood on the back and sides of the FG830, the wood is also used to enhance the guitar’s overall sound.

It is well known that Red Sandalwood has a large response frequency. The low and high points of this wood stand out.

Combine this with spruce, and you have good coverage of the frequency and a fuller projection of the sound.


If you haven’t tried the Fearless guitar yet, it might feel too heavy to strap it to your shoulder.

You can feel the volume of the guitar on your side. If you are used to playing a size guitar, the depth of the guitar may also be a bit awkward.

Sound projection

However, this is an excellent guitar trade-off. The traditional Western shape has a large hem and a square top Hem.

Essentially, this allows you to get a larger guitar panel in the case of actual resonance—the bigger the surface area, the louder the sound.

Even unplugged in a 150-square-foot room, this guitar sounds great!

Yamaha’s choice of timber for the FG830 is excellent. Although prices have risen with higher quality wood, tone and sound projection have increased considerably.

Slim neck profile

The narrow nut width and 15.75 fingerboard radius make it easier to play chords. It’s the perfect way to play the strings relentlessly.

But the chord distance is very close to 11 mm. You need to practice your solo carefully to avoid picking out adjacent strings.

But overall, the guitar is easy to play. You don’t have to be an expert to own this guitar because it won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

Besides, it makes an excellent sound, which you’ll often hear on more expensive guitars.

Die-Cast Chrome Knob

Yamaha installed TM29T die-cast knobs on this guitar. These tuners have a gear ratio of 18:1.

This means you must twist the Tuner 18 times to rotate it once. Lower gears will be easier to turn. However, it may be challenging to adjust.

With this gear ratio, you can precisely control tuning.


Most musicians agree that Yamaha is of excellent quality.

This product is made of exquisite artistry.

Combining wood, spruce, and Rosewood enables the guitar to cover the entire frequency range.

This guitar is beginner-friendly and won’t cost you much.

A Die-cast chrome tuner will benefit you for life.


  • It has no built-in electronics.

Final verdict

yamaha certainly knows how to deliver value to its customers. The FG 830 is made of high-quality wood and Yamaha standard artistry.

Although the traditional Western guitar is quite significant in shape and size, it has become louder and produces a stronger sound.

This large folk guitar covers various frequencies, bringing you full sound. It covers the range of tones that high-end and expensive guitars offer.

But Yamaha ensures that every musician gets a good guitar.

If upgrading to an entry-level guitar, you may want to consider this an excellent guitar.

Even if you are a beginner, this guitar can provide good service and help you quickly start a music career!

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